Chic town on ancient coast of Turkey

Bodrum is a league leader as one of our most popular, and fashionable tourist resorts on the balmy south-west coast.

A land rich in history and heroism.

The NW corner of Turkey,for an oil wrestling tournament, a meeting with the world’s biggest gift horse, and the site of an epic swim.

Rhapsody in Turquoise

2000 years ago a king sent his men to locate "Heaven on Earth". They found this glorious stretch of coast, deep blue sea under spectacular cliffs, backed by the Taurus Mountains.

Quiet seaside village retreat in Turkey

Up a twisty, mountain road in SW Turkey, over a high pine-scented plain full of beehives, down an even twistier way, past a donkey with an old man in grey jacket bouncing jauntily along -- the perfect Turkish holiday retreat.

Resort between the mountains and the sea

Marmaris is entry-level Turkey, a friendly South Coast town on a big sheltered bay, with lots of excursions around the coast and inland.

Majestic link betwen east and west

The ancient city bridging two continents - Istanbul is one of the world's great destinations.

Walk easy on Turkey’s newest long distance path

Five new long-distance routes allow Turkey to lure visitors in the off-season, in autumn, winter and spring. We sampled the Carian Trail.

Sail in peace on the Turkish high season coast

South of the bustling holiday resort of Marmaris is a stretch of unspoilt coastline which has hardly changed since the Greeks and Persians routed the Spartans off Knidos in 394 BC.

The real Troy story

I visited one of the most remarkable ancient places in Europe, where myth and legend meet very real history.

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