Luxury hideaway hotel overlooking Rome

The Rome Cavalieri sits high over the Eternal City, a “one-of-a-kind" property from the days of La Doce Vita, with one of the finest art collections of any hotel.

Siena is one of the great small cities of Italy

Siena, high and radiant over the Tuscan countryside, is one of the great small Medieval cities of Italy

Unkempt and glorious - Naples, a city apart

A major exhibition on the illustrious and ll-fated Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum is on at the British Museum from 28 March – 29 September 2013. The writer gives an account of a visit to nearby Naples, where many of the finds are displayed

A new dazzzle in the deep south of Italy

Puglia is Italy’s buzzing destination. This long forgotten region is beginning to rival established tourist region in the north of the country.

Isle of raw, ravishing beauty

The big Mediterranean island is emerging from its troubled past to become one of Italy’s top tourist draws.

Eternal masterpiece of Italy

Rome is a masterpiece packed with wonders, and however long you have there it will not be enough.

Grand Canal city

The popularity of Venice is eternal. But there are ways to dodge the crowds.

Mosaic marvels in Ravenna, a small town in Italy

This A-list Italian town is awash with wonders. Some of the finest mosaics, dating from the sixth century AD in some of the oldest Christian churches, are found in the ancient Ravenna.

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