Look into the eyes of the world’s most famous lady

In a museum in the little town of Colmar, in the Alsace region of France, you may gaze at leisure into the formidable features of the most recognizable effigy on earth.

Star-struck in the Port of the Moon

The world's wine capital's gracious old buildings are cleaner; its streets are calmer, and acres of rundown river bank are transformed.

Pink City of the South Aims for the Stars

Sumptuous mediaeval architecture in seductive pink brick meets 21st-century capital of aviation.

Elegant Strasbourg not just for Eurocrats

City in the heart of Europe mixes architectural styles, an astonishing cathedral, handsome UNESCO-rated buildings, a brave new bridge, and bike-ways galore.

Red carpet city of the stars

Perfect short break destination on the French Riviera, with a balmy climate and lots to do. Invented for the winter: adapted for any time.

Nice polishes up its handsome heritage

Is Nice still the hottest stop on the sparkling Côte d'Azur?

First stop in short-hop France.

Authentic France begins in Calais, the moment you step off the Channel ferry, the Eurotunnel shuttle, or Eurostar.

Back to the Future in the heart of France

Futuroscope, just outside Poitiers, is France’s other theme park after Disneyland Paris. And the ancient town is amazing too.

We will always have Paris - glowing, indomitable s

You think you know Paris? There are always new places to see, new ways to move around.

Fine Fruit of the Opal Coast

Take a northern pause in “Real France, Real Close” - on the Côte d’Opale, the “Opal Coast” in and around the fine old town of Boulogne.

On the easy going coast of SW France

Perpignan and the resorts on the wide sandy beaches on the western Med, from Sete down to the border with Spain.

First mouth of the river city in France

City on the river Loire, for a born-again biscuit factory, a monster mechanical elephant, a decorated restaurant from the Belle Epoque, and the spirit of Jules Verne.

Queen of Resorts

You don't have to belong to the international elite to enjoy Biarritz, this famous old town on France's southwest coast, with its long beaches, big waves and mild weather.

24 hour pedigree of an overlooked French city

Less than an hour west of Paris, Le Mans is an easy short break trip by train from London St Pancras. Gareth Huw Davies discovers one of France's too-long overlooked old cities.

Avignon the ancient entry to Provence

Take the train direct from London to this handsome gateway to Provence

Lille-appeal an easy train trip away

Fast trains from London have turned this handsome Flanders city into one of France’s most convenient short-stay, or even day tirip destinations.

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