Snowdrifts of silent grief

The bodies of 1,100 victims of the Titanic were never recovered. But for those that were, Halifax, Nova Scotia, this friendly Canadian port 700 miles west of the point where the "unsinkable" White Star liner sank, is their resting place.

Baguettes with skyscrapers

Inland city with endless cosy underground shopping, a hotel fit for our queen, and an Olympic-sized view into the far beyond.

Canada’s fair, green city under the mountains

The writer visited Canada’s fair Pacific-coast city under the mountains.

Wide open hospitality

The list of things not to miss on this island roughly the size of England includes wilderness and whales, icebergs and Viking remains.

The road to the land of the Midnight Sun.

The Dempster Highway, crossing the Arctic Circle, is the only public road on the N.American continent into the land of the Midnight Sun.

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